Compassion Is Sexy - New Brands Added - July pt. 1

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One of the best things about not shopping on the high street (too often) is that you will most likely look unique and not like everyone else. Wait, there is more! The following brands will make your inner fashionista jump of joy, your sweet tooth scream of pleasure and make your skin even more glowing.

MEDUSA handbags

Treat yourself with the MeDusa handbags and we guarantee you, you will be turning heads while rocking their bags. The designers use the materials in a groundbreaking and innovative way, making their look different and unique. AVAG favorites: Paris Bucket, Mini Clutch and Lena Small Backpack.

KOOKIE CAT cookies

Delicious and guilt-free cookies with a soft, chewy and mild sweet flavor. They will keep you energized while you volunteer at local animal shelters. Yay! AVAG favorites: Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Cacao Nibs Walnut and Cacao Hemp.

ETHLETIC sneakers

Sneakers made from organic cotton and natural rubber. Fairtrade Award winner. Sustainable. Vegan. Fair. You know, just one of those brands that has it all. AVAG favorites: White Cap Hi Cut, White Cap Lo Cut, Deck Classic.

SUKIN skin products

99% of Sukin customers would recommend the brand to their friends and family (out of 3600+ surveyed)!. This comes as no surprise, since Sukin products are natural, Australian made, biodegradable, recyclable and very affordable. AVAG favorites: Aloe Vera Gel, Rosehip Oil, Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum.

WHOLESOME CULTURE Apparel; T-Shirts + Tank Tops + Hoodies + Leggings + Hats + Shorts

Wholesome Culture is run by people powered by plants. Their garments make fun, inspiring and powerful statements. The team is fighting for animals by making compassionate, cruelty-free choices everyday and help others around them to do the same. Cheers to compassion! AVAG favorites: The Best Things In Life Are Cruelty-free Hat, The Earth Was Made For, Be Kind To Animals Leggings.

VEGAN TUCK BOX - vegan snack subscription boxes

The team at Vegan Tuck Box scour the planet for the most exciting, unique and tasty vegan snacks and create fun and interesting snack boxes for you to order online. They sound like people every foodie wants to be friends with! AVAG favorites: Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box

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