Summer Style with Vegan Brands

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"I feel the same way about clothes as I feel about food. I want everything." - M.K.

We couldn't agree more. As long as the clothes and food are kind, ethical, vegan, compassionate... You get the point. This summer get ready to look amazing, while making a statement and supporting vegan brands at the same time.

The Summer Veganista brands

In The Soulshine

Go Vegan Baby White Muscle Tee

Made out of 100% cotton jersey, this shirt screams that you are too cute to be eating animals. 

Alexandra K

1.2 Ash

1.2 is a timeless classic bag made from high quality synthetic fabric. The bag is handmade with all the attention to detail and has a big plaque with a bag series number and the following words: This bag is animal cruelty-free and vegan. Yes, Alexandra K, you are doing it right!!

Delikate Rayne

Black Vegan Leather Fringe Mini Skirt

This gorgeous mini skirt is constructed from 100% vegan and eco-friendly leather utilizing the finest craftsmanship. The high-waisted skirt with fringe detail is fully lined and ready to show off your figure while you are busy answering the questions about plants having feelings.


Alden Cut-out Bootie Sandal 

You have never felt comfort like this before in a heel. This seasonless style is the perfect 2" height for all day wear. Step into a gorgeous all natural cork insole and experience the state of the art shock-absorb sole! Don't go out there hiking in the woods in these just yet, but do take them for a lovely walk around the town.

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