Discounts - June 27th

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*** These discounts are now closed. Check out the latest updates in the Stylist and our newsletter for new discount options ***


Our first vegan deals are here! We partnered with vegan brands to offer you great discounts for your online shopping. We also dug out some special codes so that you won’t have to. We will be updating you with new codes or with the info on how to get the codes every few weeks so stay tuned!

We have been feeling good so we decided to give you half of the codes in the Stylist. You can unlock the other half by subscribing to our newsletter. Worried we would spam you? We won’t. And we are slightly offended you thought we would.

Melie Bianco

15% OFF  CODE: xxx


if you are reading this before 4th of July:

35% OFF CODE: xxx

Au Naturale

20% OFF   HOW? xxx


10% OFF  CODE: xxx


10% OFF   CODE: xxx

Tokyo Bags

15% OFF + Free intl. shipping   HOW? xxx

The Simply Co

10% OFF   CODE: xxx

PHB Beauty

Special Offers (Up to 50% OFF)  HOW? xxx

Unreal Fur

15% OFF   HOW? xxx

Faith In Nature

50% Off Shower & Bath Products   HOW? xxx



Check out our newsletter for the codes and information on how to get the discounts below:


30% Off


30% Off

Sonas Denim

20% Off


15% Off

Unreal Fur

15% Off

Vegan Life Magazine

29% Off 6 Month Digital Subscription 
46% Off Annual Digital Subscription 


FREE Gift when you make a purchase over $49

Option 1: Free Brow define Kit

Option 2: Organic Skincare Sampler Pack



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